Following further Brexit-related defeats for the Government in the House of Lords this evening, on parliamentary scrutiny of trade deals and membership of a customs union, Liberal Democrat Leader in the Lords, Dick Newby said: 

“The Conservative Government’s defeats this evening are yet another embarrassing rejection of Theresa May’s Brexit. The Lords has insisted on parliamentary scrutiny on future trade deals rather than letting Liam Fox decide what’s in our national interest.

“We have also insisted on remaining in a customs union because we will not accept a Tory Brexit deal that wrecks supply chains, causes chaos at UK borders and leads to massive jobs losses.
“Being inside a customs union but outside the EU would however still leave the UK poorer and deprive us of any say over the rules that govern the way we trade.
“Both Theresa May’s and Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit plans have now been resoundingly defeated. The only real alternative and way out of this chaos is a people’s vote, with the option to stay in the EU.”

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