There are suggestions that Theresa May should pursue a ‘Norway option’ as an interim solution after her failure to secure a mandate in the General Election. However, there is a basic flaw with the ‘Norway option’. The cost per head that Norway contributes to the EU is greater than we do and they have to accept all the EU regulations but have no say in the rules themselves. That is unsellable to the Brexiters in the Tory party or, to be honest, to the Remainers who will see it for the fudge that it is.
We are in a absolutely ridiculous situation where first David Cameron and, now, Theresa May, have painted themselves into a corner to appease a small, vocal group of Tory backbenchers. The same group caused trouble for John Major too and the future of the whole country has been sacrificed to appease them. Now Theresa May is going to have to sell her soul to the DUP (and betray the country again) to keep the same group on side.
The solution is to withdraw the triggering of Article 50 (it can be withdrawn – it was deliberately drafted to give a ‘cooling off’ period in the event of a democratic ‘blip’ in a member country) and attempt to have a rational debate with both the EU and the people of the UK about the future of the EU.
We need to step back from the brink and the EU need to realise that they have to give Theresa May something to save face. The recent French Presidential election and turmoil in other countries show there is a general disquiet with the EU from the citizens of Europe which needs to be addressed otherwise the dominoes will start to fall. If we leave it will be the trigger for the disintegration of the EU because the budget will be unsustainable.
Unfortunately, with the hard-nosed approach that both sides are taking there is very little chance of a sensible, pragmatic approach.

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