You may have heard controversy about the ‘Rape Clause’ but not know what it is.

From April 6th the Tories only allow Child Tax Credit for the first 2 children. A third child born after this date would only be eligible for Child Tax Credit if the child was the result of a ‘non-consensual act’ – if the mother was raped or coerced into a sexual act. The mother has to sign a form which says that the child was the result of a ‘non-consensual act’ and pass the form over to a ‘professional third party’ for countersignature. If she doesn’t sign the form Child Tax Credit will not be paid.

It’s bad enough that the woman has been raped but then she will re-live the trauma when she signs the form. There will now also be an official Government form which brands that child as the result of a rape. If that ever becomes public, how will that child feel?

This is another ‘nasty party’ scheme which unfairly hits the less well off. The Tories have already decided that, if you’re poor, you’re not allowed to have friends or family around to stay – the Bedroom Tax. Now they want to discourage poorer people from having more than two children. By the way, if couples only have two children, the population of the country is unsustainable. For every 100 people there would be only about 90 children and the population would reduce by 10% per generation. To maintain the population there would be only one solution – immigration and we know what the Tories think of that!

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