The Conservative Government have suffered their tenth defeat in just two weeks as the EU Withdrawal Bill passes through the House of Lords. 

A defeat on the issue of a hard-border between Northern Ireland and Ireland has been inflicted with a majority of 67.

Commenting on the defeat, Liberal Democrat Leader in the House of Lords, Lord Newby said: 

“This vote has recognised what Theresa May hasn’t, that the issue of the Northern Ireland border is of paramount importance.
“We cannot risk Conservative incompetence and Brexit dogma creating a hard border, and we will not allow years of strong relations within these islands to be jeopardised by Brexit.”
The amendment requires Ministers and the devolved authorities to act in a way that is compatible with the 1998 Northern Ireland Act, and to have due regard to the contents of the UK-EU Joint Report of December 2017, which includes the mutual recognition of the Belfast principles and current provisions on equalities and human rights.

The amendment also prevents regulations under the bill from diminishing any form of North-South cooperation or introducing new border arrangements, unless these are subject to an agreement between the UK and Irish governments.

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