Richmond to Auckland Park

The CCG consultation moves to Richmond Library today.

At first glance, closing Wards 14 & 15 and moving the provision to West Park in Darlington isn’t going to be much of an issue – after all Darlington is about the same distance as Northallerton.

The NHS Choices website shows that the bus journey is 48 minutes to The Friarage whereas it takes 1 hour 23 minutes to West Park (because of a 25 minute wait for the connection to West Park).

However, if you have a relative with dementia they will be transferred to Auckland Park. The recommended journey from Richmond takes 2 hours 11 minutes with a wait of over an hour at Darlington station.

It’s also interesting to read the patient reviews for West Park Hospital on the NHS Choices website.

It’s difficult to find reviews for The Friarage Wards 14 & 15 because they don’t appear on The Friarage pages but here is the only one on the Tees, Esk and Wear Valley page.

“The unit was comfortable, cheerful and well designed. The staff were all exceptionally professional and also very kind and caring. The care she received was outstanding.”

So much for the ward being ‘not fit for purpose’.

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