Today the CCG are in Hawes for the consultation on the closure of Wards 14 & 15 at The Friarage.

If you have a relative with dementia this is how the Auckland Park Hospital say you can get there using public transport.

09:26 Take the 156 bus to Leyburn – arrives 10:17

10:47 Take 159 bus to Richmond – arrives 11:17 then run to catch the

11:19 Take X26 to Darlington railway station – arrives 11:51 and wait for an hour (so you needn’t have run for the bus)

12:54 get the train to Bishop Auckland arrives 13:20 walk 0.3 miles to arrive at Auckland Park Hospital at

13:27 a total of 4 hours 1 minute

If you have a car the recommended route is 51.6 miles and takes 1 hour 23 minutes. That’s a 103 mile round trip.

The comparative times to The Friarage are 2 hours 37 minutes by bus and the same time by car but 32 miles shorter for the round trip



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