Responding to the reports that Liam Fox has admitted that a post-Brexit trade arrangement with the US may take longer to agree than previously hoped, Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson Tom Brake said:

"Fox’s comments underline the scale of the inaccuracies spouted by the Leave campaign. Boris Johnson and the Tories had promised us that the UK would have a host of trade deals in place by Brexit day. We won’t.

"This should also serve as a reminder that the EU will always be the natural and easiest trading partner for the UK – as shown by the bureaucratic difficulties linked to settling individual agreements with each US state. The Leave campaign claimed leaving the EU would make trade easier, but now it emerges that this was also untrue.

"The Liberal Democrats believe that prioritising trade with the EU, rather than a US led by an erratic US President determined to lower our standards, is the only way to safeguard our economy and jobs going forward."

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