Theresa keeps on banging on about strong and stable leadership.

So just how strong and stable is she?

Last April she said that the Single Market made us more prosperous. Now she says we don’t need it.

In the Budget she increased National Insurance payments for the self-employed. Then reversed it.

She said that there wouldn’t be a General Election. Now there is.

She changed the adult social care rules in the Manifesto. On Sunday she left Damian Green so far out on a limb that he had to confirm that there would be no cap on charges and there would be no change to the policy. 24 hours later there is magically a cap – but won’t say what it is. She then lies to Andrew Neil by saying that there has been no change.

There are no costings in their manifesto – something that she would pillory Labour about…

She’s made the election about her. The Battle Bus is the Theresa May Battle Bus not Conservatives. And now it’s going wrong. She’s rattled, but she’s strong and stable.

I think not.

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