Responding to Mel Stride, the Leader of the Commons, who has said today that it is "not necessarily" the case that the new Prime Minister will be in place before the summer recess, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:

“The fact that the new Prime Minister will likely have just over a month of parliamentary sitting days before we are supposedly leaving the EU shows what a mess the Conservatives have got our country into. 

“Brexit has always been about the internal squabbles of the Tory Party. As droves of MPs put themselves forward as part of the leadership contest, this looks to be no different.

“It is even more worrying when you consider how many of the Tory candidates want the UK to crash out with no deal. No deal is nothing short of deadly and dangerous and has been roundly rejected by Parliament.

“As the Conservatives continue to waste time with yet more self-interested navel gazing instead of running the country, it becomes even more obvious that the only route out of this mess is a people’s vote.”

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