Responding to the Institute for Government report which warns the Conservative Government isn’t ready for the prospect of the UK leaving the EU with no-deal, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said: 

“This report makes clear what we all fear: the Tory Government is woefully unprepared for crashing out of the EU.
“Despite spending over £4 billion on no-deal preparations, the Conservative Government have still failed to ensure that vital laws will be in place or that our health, food or legal sectors will have the systems in place to cope with crashing out. 
“What’s worse, this report suggests the Tories have also been unhelpfully secretive in the way they have made preparations. No need to guess why.
“There are just 8 weeks left until supposed exit day and yet there is no deal in sight and Theresa May refuses to take no deal off the table. Liberal Democrats demand better. It’s time to give the people the final say on the deal with the option to stay in the EU.”


The Institute for Government report ‘Brexit: two months to go’ can be found here.

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