he Liberal Democrats have blamed the sharp fall in EU migrants revealed today on the “chaos created by Tory Ministers and the nasty rhetoric of Brexiters”.

The latest migration statistics, published today by the Office for National Statistics, reveal that net migration from the EU has dramatically fallen from 106,000 last year to 57,000 now. EU net migration is at the lowest point since 2008.

However, net migration from outside the EU is at the highest since 2004. It has risen to 261,000, up from 222,000 a year ago.

On EU migration, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Ed Davey said:

“Hospitals, schools and social care providers are already struggling to hire the staff they need, and Brexit is making that problem so much worse.

“Even before we’ve left the EU, the chaos created by Tory Ministers and the nasty rhetoric of Brexiters is putting off the EU workers that our public services badly need.

“The Liberal Democrats demand better. That’s why we’re leading the fight for a People’s Vote and an Exit from Brexit.”

On the Conservatives’ net migration target, Ed Davey added:

“Today’s figures also show that the Tories’ promise that Brexit will bring net migration down to their ‘tens of thousands’ target is a complete fiction. Immigration from outside the EU is rising well above that target and rising – driven not by our membership of the EU, but the demands of our economy.”


Migration Statistics Quarterly Report: February 2019 can be found here.

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