Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake has today blamed Theresa May’s silence during the EU referendum campaign for endangering the safety of UK citizens.
Mr Brake’s comments come in response to Theresa May’s warning that the safety of EU and UK citizens is at risk if the UK leaves EU security pacts after Brexit.
Mr Brake said:
“Crime does not respect international borders. That is why Liberal Democrats were clear throughout the EU referendum that one of the major benefits of EU membership was clamping down on serious crime across Europe.
“Had Theresa May listened to those warnings and lifted a finger to keep the UK in the EU during the referendum campaign then there would have been no need for these last minute threats. But, as with this whole Brexit omnishambles, the Tories’ lies are catching up with them.
“The security of UK citizens is of paramount importance. For our own safety, we need to give the people the final say on the Brexit deal with an option to remain in the EU

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