There is an interesting story in The Observer. The head of the 1922 Committee has warned that, unless the Cabinet come together at Chequers this weekend, the Government may botch Brexit and bring Jeremy Corbyn to power. While I agree that this may be the case, the underlying message is not what’s best for the country but what’s best for the Conservative Party. There is a constant theme in the Tory Party which I don’t think I’ve seen with Labour (I may be wrong though) – hang on to power at all costs. It doesn’t matter how much damage we do to the country as long as we remain in power. David Cameron got us into this mess by putting Party first in 2015 in the Tory Manifesto. We got punished in that General Election after Nick Clegg had put country before Party to put the Tories in power in 2010. We somehow got blamed for everything and the Tories were smelling of roses. The ‘somehow’ was the Tory machine making sure that it stayed in power. That got me thinking about why I’m in politics and why I’m a LibDem. I came to the conclusion that it’s about doing the ‘right thing’. It’s not about personal power – I’m in the wrong Party for that! It’s about trying to do best for the people in the area – not just SOME people bur ALL people. It’s about making difficult choices – and making those choices for the RIGHT reasons – not what’s best for the Party, but what’s best for the District, County, UK and the world. Sometimes those choices may be unpopular – but that brings me to the second reason I’m a LibDem – I like to sleep at night – I have a conscience which will keep me awake at night if I make a wrong decision – I wonder how well Boris Johnson sleeps at night?

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