Responding to Deloitte’s study findings that British businesses are the most anxious they have been about Brexit since the 2016 referendum, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake MP said:

“It is no wonder that 79% of Chief Financial Officers now expect the long-term business environment to be worse due to Brexit. Despite Juncker and Tusk indicating that an agreement may be possible in 2018, the likelihood of this being a threadbare blindfold Brexit is increasingly high.
“May is desperate to get the UK over the Brexit finish line at any cost, even if this means a blindfold Brexit. A Brexit which still leaves so many questions unanswered and such a cloud of uncertainty over the future of British business would be undeniably catastrophic.
“Whatever deal May cobbles together, it will pale in comparison to what we have inside the EU. The people must be given the final say on the Brexit deal with the option to remain in the EU.”

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