BEuropeut not for Theresa May it appears.

The House of Lords defeated the Government this week asking for the UK to stay in the Customs Union. Windrush just doesn’t seem to want to go away. The bill to leave the EU seems to go up and up (but it may go down).

And now, according to the Daily Telegraph, the EU has examined all the UK proposals to handle the UK/Irish border and come back saying not a single one of them is possible.

The wheels are also starting to come off regarding our ability to make these great new trade deals. The biggest exporting groups in the world are (in order) China, the EU and the USA. We come in at 10th with about 2.5% just ahead of Canada. In the WTO the ones with the loudest voices tend to get heard. As a guy from the WTO said on the BBC last night with the UK being in the EU we’re in the Champions’ League but we’re about to move into the Premier League – good but not great.

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