Theresa May has announced that she’s going to be a ‘bloody difficult woman’ in the EU negotiations.

300 disabled people a week have no problem in believing that she can be just that. They are the people who are having to go to court to fight to keep disability payments. According to the Victoria Derbyshire programme these cases are costing £1,000,000 a week and 65% of the claimants win.

Theresa May said in 2003 that the Tories needed to stop being the ‘nasty party’ – 14 years on and nothing has changed other than now she’s in charge.

Remember the line from her Downing Street speech,’ If you’re from an ordinary working class family, life is much harder than many people in Westminster realise.’? Yes it is because the Tory Party is making it so.

We need to show this ‘bloody difficult woman’ the door on June 8th.

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