Responding to reports that Theresa May played a leading role in shaping anti-immigration plans Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Ed Davey, said:

“Theresa May is desperate to distance herself from the regressive and hostile actions of the Home Office whilst she was in charge, but the evidence is that she was only too keen to force through such policies.
“As Home Secretary,Theresa May had a particular obsession with cultivating harsh policies aimed at immigrants. And she tried time and again to cut out Liberal Democrat Ministers as we worked hard to block her and to improve the system with our policies, like ending child detention. 
“Theresa May talks of tackling burning injustices, but her actions have been to add to them. She has recreated the Tories as the nasty party she once warned against. 
"And it’s increasingly clear the Prime Minister is responsible for the worst mistakes of the Home Office – from the Windrush fiasco to the nasty billboard gimmicks designed to whip up hostility towards immigrants when she was Home Secretary.”

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