Responding to the publication of a written ministerial statement confirming that teachers’ pay is to increase by 2.75% in the next academic year, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Layla Moran MP said:
“It was rumoured that Theresa May’s legacy would include an end to school cuts. Instead, her final act has been to make school cuts worse.
“Teaching unions are warning that the Conservatives haven’t provided enough money to fund this pay rise – they’ve left a black hole of £280 million. Teachers will welcome this well-deserved pay increase but it will subject schools to further misery.
“Headteachers must now decide which support staff they will have to sack or which basic supplies they will have to cut back on to afford this underfunded pay rise. No headteacher should have to make these sorts of decisions – schools should be fully funded and teachers should be paid properly.
“Liberal Democrats are calling for an emergency cash injection to reverse school cuts so that teachers have the pay they deserve and the resources they need.”
Notes to editors:
The written statement, announcing a 2.75% uplift for all teaching pay ranges and a £105 million increase in the Teachers’ Pay Grant, can be found here:
Andrew Baisley of the National Education Union, who developed the methodology for the ‘School Cuts’ website, tweeted earlier today that the increase in the Teachers’ Pay Grant is £280 million short of what would be needed to fully fund this pay award:

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