There is not a Brexit ‘deal dividend’, only economic damage 

Responding to Philip Hammond’s speech to Conservative Party conference, where the Chancellor predicted Theresa May’s much-derided Chequers deal will reap a ‘deal dividend’, Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable said: 

“It is simply wrong of the Chancellor to say that any kind of Brexit benefits our economy. Indeed, he is aping Boris Johnson’s mendacious claim of some sort of dividend from 2016. 

“There is no deal dividend: the government’s own impact assessments show our economy is damaged under any form of Brexit. Indeed the Bank of England has said that the spectre of Brexit has already lowered GDP.

“Hammond’s previous actions show he has been one of the few members of the Cabinet who understands the grim realities of Brexit. The Chancellor must not change his tune now just to appease Conservative conference.” 

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