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As Theresa May zooms around Europe trying to pick up the pieces of her Chequers plan Michel Barnier has torpedoed her plans once again. Throwing back the Brexiteers’ promises in their face he said, “Maintaining control of our money, law and borders also applies to the EU customs policy”.

The only surprise is that the government couldn’t see this coming.

We can’t get a better deal than we already have.

If we aren’t in a Customs Union there will be a hard border in Ireland.

The government are desperately trying to spin that it will be the EU’s fault if the talks collapse. It won’t be. There is only one person at fault – Theresa May.

She drew red lines which were contradictory. She allowed herself to be hamstrung by Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg. The UK is a laughing stock.

There MUST be a People’s Vote

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