EnvironmentTheresa May’s bold plan to end avoidable plastic waste by 2042 is just kicking the can down the street.

Bearing in mind that this plan was first promised 3 years ago to wait another 25 years to get rid of “avoidable plastic waste” is ridiculous. The whole point is that it’s avoidable.

That great bastion of environmentalism, McDonalds, stopped using polystyrene containers for their burgers 28 years ago but the college that I work at still use them today. Most European technology brands use papier mache to pack TVs and the like but some still use polystyrene foam. When I was young we had paper straws and paper bags now we have plastic. The bulk of this waste is avoidable NOW not in 25 years time.

Theresa May had an opportunity to be bold and set an agenda for change in 5 years. Without law to back these changes only the enlightened businesses will change their behaviour.

This was an opportunity missed.

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