The Tories may have been defeated with on Theresa May’s Brexit plan on Tuesday but yesterday’s fiasco shows that Theresa May’s favourite phrase, “Nothing has changed” continues.

Mark Francois’ statement yesterday identified the real issue in Parliament. He said that he is ‘a Conservative first and last’. The Tories are not interested in what’s best for the country only what’s best for their party.

The reason we are in this mess is that David Cameron but party before country in the 2015 general election by promising a referendum to keep his party in power and stop defections to UKIP.

Since the referendum Theresa May’s decisions have all been based on keeping the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Mark Francois in the European Research Group onside. No attempt has been made to address the genuine concerns of the 48% who wanted to Remain in the EU.

People are criticising Jeremy Corbyn for putting pre-conditions on a possible meeting between him and Theresa May  but I, for one, think he is right. Theresa May has done everything in her power to delay Parliament’s scrutiny of her deal with the result that there is very little time left. The 2017 Act has a default date for leaving the EU of 29th March 2019. If that date is not changed and no agreement is reached in Parliament we will crash out without a deal.

That possibility needs removing or Theresa May can just burn up the time with pointless discussions. She will then come back to Parliament with her deal unchanged with the no-deal option as the threat for not passing it.

Any deal with the EU will be unsatisfactory for the European Research Group. To win Theresa May needs Labour on her side. She knows that (and so does Jeremy Corbyn). Most Labour Party members want to remain in the EU. The solution is the Peoples Vote with an option to Remain. That will almost certainly pass Parliament but there needs to be time to get that through Parliament. Removing the possibility of no deal has to happen first.

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