Daily Mail front page about EU BillYesterday the House of Lords debated the EU Withdrawal Bill. The Daily Mail comment page today says what they feel about the House of Lords and their role in our country.

What worries me most about this continuous haranguing of any opposition to the Leave view is the tone. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the Daily Mail’s view is undemocratic and looks down on people who voted to Leave. Far from trying to reconcile differences the aim is to build a chasm between the two sides.

The real problem is the future and the impact of Brexit on the very people who voted to Leave. The likes of the Daily Mail have been telling them for years that all their problems are down to the EU.

Because of that many people voted for the promised increased NHS spending, reduction in taxation, greater sovereignty and reduction in immigration. The reality becomes clearer every day that these promises are almost certainly not going to met and the majority of the Leave voters may very well be worse off in 2 or 3 years’ time.

Those broken promises may produce a backlash which could cause years of strife within the country and an even worse view of politicians and the ‘ruling classes’. The Daily Mail will blame everybody but themselves but it is time that they realised that if you have a voice and power you need to use it responsibly – they don’t.

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