Responding to the statement given by Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab to the House of Commons today, Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse said:
“Raab says he is in the best possible position to make the best of Brexit yet it is clearer than ever that this Tory Brexit is an utter shambles. As Raab himself noted, there are unanswered questions on the huge issues of trade in goods and services, the Irish border and future security cooperation between the EU and UK.
“At the heart of the Brexit promise was a lie that we gain back control and free ourselves from EU institutions and regulation while maintaining the same economic prosperity we have enjoyed during our 40 years of EU membership. It is time that we came clean that both simultaneously are not possible. We have a clear choice: choosing Brexit or choosing prosperity.
“As the government continues to peddle the Brexit lie that we can have both, we should give back control to the people and have a people’s vote on Brexit.’

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