In 2015 the Conservative manifesto said
‘We will protect our nation
We will continue to keep our Armed Forces strong so they can continue to keep you safe. We will maintain the size of the regular armed services and not reduce the army to below 82,000’

According to the December 2016 MOD figures the Full Time Trade Trained Strength of the Army is 79,030 – so much for that promise. When I asked Rishi Sunak about that last night he said that it was ‘unfortunate’.
It’s no doubt also unfortunate that the Armed Forces are 3,680 smaller than April 2015. The MOD also sets targets for the minimum strength (Liability) to meet military tasks. The current Liability is 145,560 and it’s unfortunate that the current strength is 6,210 below the Liability.
So Theresa May’s vision of Strong and Stable Armed Forces is Under-strength and Shrinking.

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