Peoples Vote Rally in YorkTheresa May’s deal was never going to satisfy everybody – but we did think it would satisfy somebody.

We could now have the ridiculous situation that Jacob Rees-Mogg, Jeremy Corbyn and Vince Cable all going through the same Lobby in the vote on the deal. If Theresa May will not allow a Peoples Vote ‘under any circumstances’ she has to work out a solution now. Tory MPs are sending letters of no confidence into the 1922 Committee so that they can elect a new leader. That’s the last thing we need right now. There isn’t time for Tory navel gazing.

Theresa May needs to admit defeat on this. She, and we, haven’t got time. She needs to go to the EU and request the suspension of Article 50. The country needs time to decide what to do next. It is clear that Parliament is going to struggle to resolve this. They can decide to Exit from Brexit. If they won’t then we need a Peoples Vote.

Nothing else will solve this

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