On his programme this morning, Andrew Marr challenged Keir Starmer over the number of "hurdles" the Shadow Brexit Secretary was putting in the way of Labour fully backing a People’s Vote. 

Responding, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said: 

"The People’s Vote march was genuinely cross-party and one of the striking features was the number of Labour voters who attended. This backs up authoritative academic research showing that around four in five Labour members want a final say on any Brexit deal. 

"Yet the Labour frontbench refuses to get off the fence. They have set too many hurdles until they will back a People’s Vote. 

"Starmer, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell must be clear in making supporting this vote, including the option of staying in the EU, their main Brexit priority. They should have been on the march. 

"With Labour frontbench support we can get that vote – and then win it." 

A comprehensive survey of members of all major parties by Queen Mary University this year showed that 78% of Labour members wanted a final say on any Brexit deal.

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