Responding to new official figures that show the lowest quarterly growth in the UK since 2012, Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable MP said: 

“Today’s economic growth figures are a worrying indication that the negative impacts of Brexit are now becoming all too clear. While so-called Project Fear may have exaggerated the immediate effects of the referendum on our economy, it seems it got the ‘when’ rather than the ‘what’ wrong. 

“The lowest quarterly growth in the UK since 2012 will almost certainly keep us at the bottom of the international growth rankings, where we have been languishing for some time. The economy’s poor performance can’t be blamed on the ‘Beast from the East’ either, with the ONS describing the effects of the freak weather as ‘generally small’ and limited to only a few sectors.

“It is clear that a change of course is needed. Brexit is sucking the life out of government, making it impossible to deal with the real challenges facing our country. The people must be offered a final say on the Brexit deal, with the option to remain in the EU. Only then can we begin to fix our under performing economy.”

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