You may be disappointed with our results in the NYCC elections but I’m not. I was hoping to average 150 -175 votes per Division and we easily beat that. We are fighting back from the punishment for being in the coalition and that will take time.

In 2013 I was the only candidate in the whole of Richmondshire and received 167 votes. We had piled everyone into Middle Dales and I came 4th with an 8% share.

This time we more stretched so couldn’t put as much effort in. But, despite that, Philip Wicks came 2nd with over 10%. Andy Atkins came 2nd in Richmondshire North with over 11% and Jane Parlour came 3rd in Catterick Bridge with just under 10% – there was an Independent there which took some of our vote.

Bénédicte Windle got over 2% in Central Richmondshire. This was always a bit of a forlorn hope – the only UKIP candidate stood here. Philip Knowles came 3rd in Richmond with just under 8%. Again, against Stuart, this was always going to be a tough ask.

We now have the General Election. We have a plan and we are aiming for 10,000 votes and 100 new members. We are aiming to have a more engaging campaign to achieve that and we need your help to succeed. After June we can’t stop though. We then will start planning the 2019 Richmondshire District Council campaign.

We need to allocate candidates NOW. We need to work the Wards. We need to be seen out and about. We need to get letters in the DST. We need to get Facebook and Twitter buzzing every time a Tory Councillor falls asleep in a meeting or says something stupid. We need to be seen as dynamic and forward-thinking with real ideas on how to CHANGE things. Most of all we need to be the voice of common sense.


The fight starts here.


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