Yesterday I spent in Richmond Market Place talking to people about how they felt about Brexit.

There were two really strong Brexiteers but, on the whole, people were pleasant and friendly whichever way they had voted in the Referendum. The two Brexiteers refused to put the ‘dots’ on so we put them on for them as Yes, Yes, No, No.

The Remainers were pleased we were there and glad that someone was taking the time to LISTEN to them. The Leavers were largely unchanged in their views – although some openly said that they have changed their minds. Even the ones that hadn’t changed their minds said that they felt that they had been lied to – not about the numbers but about how easy it would be to leave the EU.

The most telling was the Labour voters. They campaigned for Remain. They feel that they have been sold down the river by Jeremy Corbyn. They also hate that leaving the EU was in last year’s Manifesto and that the Tories are using it against them.John and Philip

However, what came across most clearly is that even in Richmond (which voted Leave) there is still an overwhelming number of people who want us to stay in the EU.

Quite a few were worried about a second vote and felt that if the result was the same or marginal for Remain it wouldn’t solve the problem. The view was, stop the MPs voting down party lines, and for them to ‘get some balls and do what’s right for the country. That’s what we pay them for’.

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