Commenting on a Public Accounts Committee report on the threat of Brexit to research and development, Liberal Democrat education spokesperson and member of the Public Accounts Committee Layla Moran said:

“Britain is one of the world leaders in research and development and Brexit is an increasing threat to the industry –  both to funding and ensuring the best scientists and support staff want to come to the UK.
“The Public Account Committee inquiry highlighted that reaching the goal of 2.4% looks extremely challenging without more public investment. Lagging behind in our high quality R&D capability will stunt economic growth, constrain our health sector and stifle productivity leading to stagnant wage growth in perpetuity.
“The government sometimes act as if Brexit is just a bitter pill to swallow, in reality it much worse than that. If the Tories continue the country on this path it will have a terrible impact on generations to come, in areas as yet, we cannot imagine.”

Full report here

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