This morning Dominic Raab stated that if the bill, which forces Boris Johnson to ask the EU for an extension to rule out no-deal, passes on Monday, the Conservative Government will "test to the limit" what they are required to do. 

Following these comments, Liberal Democrat shadow Brexit Secretary Tom Brake said:

"Dominic Raab’s comments that the Government will "test to the limit" how they can get around the Bill set to force Boris Johnson to ask for an extension just shows there is no bar for how low they will stoop.

"This law, set to pass on Monday, will prevent us dangerously crashing out of Europe without a deal and to try and ignore that is just another authoritarian move by Boris Johnson.

"These actions show a total disregard for our democracy and the rule of law. Boris Johnson is trampling on the very values and principles the United Kingdom has been founded upon.

"With Boris Johnson so determined to discard our democracy, the Liberal Democrats will keep fighting to prevent a dangerous no-deal, to protect our democracy, and to get us out of this Brexit mess with a People’s Vote."

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