Who can vote?

To vote in this PPC selection, you must have been a Party member at the date of publication of the advertisement for this selection on the Party website (Friday 7 June 2019), have reached at least 10 years of age, and be registered at an address in the Richmond (Yorks) constituency.

If you are due to renew your membership but have not yet done so, you are advised to do so before the members’ meeting to guarantee your right to vote. If you are unsure of your renewal date you should contact the Returning Officer who can advise you.

How and where can I vote?

At the members’ meeting: ballot papers will be issued at the meeting on Tuesday 3 September – please bring your membership card with you or some other form of identification with your name and address. If you are likely to appear under the age of 10, please bring identification showing your date of birth.

The counting of votes will take place at the end of the meeting and will be overseen by the Returning Officer, in the presence of the Chair of the Local Party, and the candidate (or his representative).

By post: Members who are eligible to vote, but cannot attend the hustings meeting, may apply to the Returning Officer for a postal vote using this form. All postal ballot papers should be returned in an envelope to the Returning Officer’s address by the date and time shown on the postal vote application form.

Alternatively you may ask another member of the local party to return your ballot paper at the hustings meeting in a sealed envelope. Please do not give your postal vote ballot paper to the candidate to return.

If, after receiving a postal vote ballot paper, you find that you are able to attend the hustings meeting, please bring you postal ballot paper with you to the members’ meeting.

The Returning Officer may disqualify postal vote ballot papers issued as a result of an unauthorised postal vote campaign, or otherwise in contravention of the rules.

Abiding by the rules

The rules governing this selection process have been prepared by the English Candidates’ Committee of the Liberal Democrats and the process has been carried out under the control of the Returning Officer.

In the interests of fairness to all applicants and party members, it is important that everyone involved in the selection abides by these rules, which have been designed to ensure that applicants are given an equal opportunity in the selection.

[Note: some of these rules are superfluous as there is only one applicant.]

In the run-up to the members’ meeting, members should note that:

  • All applicants must be invited to social and others events arranged in the run-up to the hustings.
  • Applicants’ supporters should not put out written material on behalf of applicants without their consent.
  • If you wish to take any action on behalf of one or all the applicants, please check with the Returning Officer that you may do it before proceeding.

Contact with the applicant

Members are encouraged to get to know the applicant before the members’ meeting, so that they have a wider knowledge of him and his abilities than can be gained in the formal setting of the members’ meeting.

The applicant’s contact details are included along with his manifesto.

Members may be contacted individually as applicants are encouraged to canvass members for their support.

The Returning Officer

The Returning Officer has overseen the selection process on behalf Yorkshire & the Humber Regional Liberal Democrats. If you have any questions about the process, please get in touch:

Derek Wann
address: 35 Bowland Way, York, YO30 5PZ
email: derek.wann79@gmail.com
mob: 07779 580234

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