Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable has slammed the Prime Minister for refusing to end uncertainty and rule out a no-deal Brexit, despite her assertions that her deal is the only option. 

Challenging the Prime Minister at PMQs today, Vince Cable said there was “absolutely no reason why the public should be alarmed by continuing discussions about a chaotic no-deal.”

He added: “It is entirely within the power of the House and the Government to stop it. So will she reassure the public that under no circumstances this will happen?”

In response, the Prime Minister refused to rule out a no-deal Brexit. 

Following the exchange, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said: 

“The Prime Minister must stop threatening the country with a scenario virtually nobody supports.

“This attempt to bamboozle businesses and backbenchers with the prospect of chaos lacks all credibility. The Commons will never support ‘no deal’, and Parliament has the power to stop it.

“If MPs vote down May’s deal in December, the real alternative will be a People’s Vote with the option to stay in the EU.”

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