Prime Minister backs Wera Hobhouse MP’s calls to make upskirting an offence.

Theresa May has given support to Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse’s fight to make upskirting a specific criminal offence. Responding to Wera in Prime Minister’s Questions, May stated she shared her outrage at the disgusting act and that the government was seriously considering Wera’s efforts to change the law.

Wera’s Private Member’s Bill, which seeks to make upskirting a voyeurism offence, has it’s second reading on 11th May.

Commenting on the Prime Minister’s support, Wera said: 

“I am delighted the Prime Minister has listened to our call for reform. This would ensure women will be fully protected by the law from upskirting.
“Upskirting has been illegal in Scotland since 2009 and it is simply outrageous it is taking us so long to criminalise it here in England and Wales.

“Today marks a huge step in achieving our goal of making upskirting what it deserves to be: a specific criminal offence. I cannot now see any legitimate reason for which the government would not back my bill”.

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