The House of Lords have inflicted another crushing defeat on the government during the Report Stage of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on the excessive delegated powers they had granted themselves.

A majority of cross-party Peers have successfully limited what the government are able to alter via Statutory Instrument and without primary legislation. This includes a number of amendments to remove the discretion of Ministers when making regulations under the bill to ensure that these can only be made where ‘necessary’.

Commenting on the overwhelming support this received from the Upper House, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, Lord Newby said:
“Providing proper scrutiny to the Bill and its technical mechanisms is parliament taking back control, not Ministers.

“On this issue we have wrestled the Brexit procedure back from a government hell-bent on pursuing their own agenda and granting themselves more and more powers to do so without due process.”

Commenting on additional government concessions on the bill that will further limit the ability of ministers to act without proper scrutiny by Parliament, Dick Newby said:
"The government has rightly caved in to Lib Dem demands that parliament should have a proper say in establishing public bodies that can have a big impact on the people and organisations that they regulate.

"Ministers have also bowed to pressure from across the House to ensure that Parliament has the right to be properly involved in the ability to create new criminal offences and  to hold the government to account for any new taxes or increases it wants to make.

"Parliament has rightly stood up for its right to be involved in such critical aspects of law-making.”

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