Responding to the Department for Education’s referral of nearly 700 schools in England to the Health and Safety Executive over concerns they are failing to safely manage asbestos, Liberal Democrat Education spokesperson Layla Moran MP said:

“The backlog of school building repairs is mounting. The referral of nearly 700 schools to the national health and safety body due to concerns over asbestos removal show that our schools are at breaking point. Even low levels of exposure to asbestos fibres can cause cancer decades later.

“In 2016, 44 per cent of UK students were taught in schools in which the head teacher reported inadequate infrastructure, such as poor-quality buildings and grounds. 

“Years of Conservative funding cuts mean that school budgets simply do not stretch far enough.

“The Liberal Democrats would create a £17 billion infrastructure fund that would provide capital investment to expand and modernise our schools and hospitals, so that children can learn in safety.”

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