Speaking to European leaders at the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe pre-Council lunch in Brussels, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:
“We are now in a dangerous situation. We have a weak government and a weak opposition, both of which are totally pre-occupied by party management rather than the national interest.
“It now seems very likely that the Prime Minister’s decision to seek only a short extension to Article 50 will increase the risk Parliament will again defeat the government on the meaningful vote. She has given succour to the Brexiters, who now have no reason to support her.
“In this crisis situation, when the time comes that we are one or two days away from Brexit, there will be a parliamentary effort which my colleagues and I will lead to try to stop Brexit via an extension of Article 50. 
“The only way to avoid that potentially dangerous situation of the choice between leaving with no deal or revocation without a referendum, is for the moderates in the government to prevail and agree a People’s Vote. 
“If we get a long extension of Article 50, British parties will compete in European elections. The nationalistic right – which has fragmented – could be wiped out, and I am confident Liberal Democrats would do well, contributing an increased number of British liberals alongside Catherine Bearder.”

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