Commenting on the Home Office apology to the Windrush generation, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said:

"The Government are right to repeat the apology to those whose lives were wrongly ruined by deportations and detention. Even if one person from the Windrush generation had their life ruined by these measures then that is one too many.

"Many thousands more beyond the Windrush generation have been arbitrarily subjected to the so-called ‘hostile environment’ which has created a deep, and in some cases, unmendable damage.
"Meanwhile, on the horizon we have the status of EU citizens at risk due to Brexit. Whilst I welcome Theresa May’s announcement that EU citizens will be able to stay even if there is no deal, it is very difficult to trust the processing system.

"As well as a simplified system for people to prove residency rights we need to change the whole psychology of the Home Office to prevent these injustices being repeated in the future."

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