Talking to various people over the last few weeks has confirmed a worrying trend. There seems to be a view that ‘No deal’ will mean that things will carry on as they are.
Nothing could be further from the truth. No deal means that all of our current arrangements with the EU (and the deals with Canada, Japan and Norway) cease. If we decide to carry on trading tariff free with the EU WTO rules say that we would have to offer the same terms to every other country in the world. Farming and manufacturing would be in severe trouble as cheap imports would flood the market. Prices might fall but if you haven’t got a job it doesn’t help much.
The WTO would also insist on both Eire and the UK properly control the border between the Northern Ireland and Eire. There’s a lot of talk about technology solving the problems but that’s only the legal trade. Smuggling would become rife and, as in the past, terrorists would use the profits for their nefarious activities.
The best deal with the EU is the one we have. Revoking Article 50 is the sensible move.

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