Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords have thrown their weight behind a series of cross party amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill warning the government must expect to be defeated on a swathe of key issues.
Dick Newby, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, confirmed the party’s support for amendments including some with would maintain Britain’s place in the customs union, limit ministers’ powers to create crimes without passing new laws and strengthen Parliament’s vote on the Brexit deal.  

Dick Newby, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in the Lords said:

"The Liberal Democrats are working with members across both houses to scrutinise what the government is trying to ram through
“We will work with other parties to defeat the government on key issues, and force them to think again. Aside from the damaging path the government are taking by refusing to back Britain’s place in the single market and customs union, under the cover of this Bill the Conservatives are trying to sneak through a huge power grab that would give Ministers unchecked powers.

"It cannot simply be waved through and the Liberal Democrats will be standing up against this power grab."

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