Allen NixonBecause it is always possible that the government will collapse and give us yet another General Election, we were again asked to make sure we have a candidate in place. Tobie Abel felt that his work and family commitments prevented him standing for us again, but instead we now have an excellent local candidate in Allen Nixon from Northallerton. Allen introduces his views below.

“It is a great honour to have been appointed as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Richmond.

They say there’s an old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times”. Curse or not, times are interesting at the moment, maybe unfortunately so…

As I write, the Commons has passed the Government’s “Brexit Repeal” bill but all is not yet lost and we must strengthen our resolve. There are battles still to be fought.

David Davis is in Brussels pursuing what is described as “constructive ambiguity”: oh, dear. Meanwhile, the excellent Nick Clegg has described Brexit progress thus far as… having a building site and announcing that you’ve made a cup of tea…

I was sad to see Tim Farron step down as Leader; he did the job with cheerful integrity. It is a regrettable reflection of intolerance in certain quarters when you have Tim criticized, mostly from the Right, for his views on some ethical and moral issues, to be followed, within a few months, by Jacob Rees-Mogg, who himself offered views to which not everyone would subscribe. “Oh that’s OK, that’s Jacob!” came the rejoinder from the Right.

The issue is not agree or disagree: people are entitled to hold beliefs of various shades. The point is one of tolerance and consistency. Even the word hypocrisy comes to mind.

Liberal Democrats: Open, Tolerant, United.

I am not a big fan of Twitter, but you can follow me at #allennixon17 for the occasional snippet.”

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