In her Conference speech, Theresa May said that ‘the state exists to provide what individual people, communities and markets cannot and we should employ the power of government for the good of the people.’
One thing that markets don’t do is insure you against needing care in your old age. If you have savings of over £23,250, you will have to pay the costs of care in your home. The Tories are going to increase that to £100,000. Great you may think, I haven’t got that amount of savings. But you might have a house.
If the value of the house is over £100,000 you will have to pay the full cost of your care regardless of whether you have any savings at all. An hour in the morning and an hour in the evening 7 days a week will cost £11,000 a year. You might need to sell your house to get care in the house you no longer own.
That’s what caring Conservatism looks like.

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  1. Theresa May is possibly the most dangerous Woman in Britain today Why?
    It is clear to me that she never did believe in staying in Europe and was always in the leave camp but hedged her bets while in the Cameron government. Her track record is not good, cutting the police force while home secretary and then while gaining power in a chaotic coup when the rudderless leave came were in a state of utter confusion after the surprise leave vote. First, its never a good idea to have such a major decision rest on the result f a 50/50 basis vote, basically50 % for and 50% against just clearly leads to division which has clearly happened since the referendum vote.
    Where I’m concerned most is here unprincipled, ill-thought out and obviously lack of consultation regarding her big idea policies. First we had the u turn on NI for the self-employed, what idiot would suggest a higher tax on the back bone of our economy without first fully debating the key implications of such a policy? Again not someone who is InTouch with ordinary people but more worryingly, it clearly shows a lack of judgement, judgement which is a key necessity when dealing with everything that is coming down the pipe. Then to top this off, we have the dementia tax.
    I couldn’t help but be really impressed with Tim Farron’s performance on last nights BBC question time, his analogy f where is Theresa hiding outside your house to see if she can take it should be turned into a poster. This election can be won and it can only be won when the conservatives loose, any other combination will see a coalition government and one in which the Lib Dems can play a full and active role. This will not happen if May gets in so I say – Out with May and in with June and a new real coalition government with the Lib Dems back in government.
    One week to go and all to play for – May is vunerable, the British people have a right to know just how unstable she is, never agree a deal with Theresa as next week it will have changed, is this the sort of PM the British people need or want?

    1. 20000 fewer police, this was down to May, she is a dither surrounded by idiots, just look at how they behaved during the conservative leadership contest, just like little school boys in a car park squabbling over a game of hopscotch – ant this is what is supposed to repressent the UK in Briexit negotiations?
      The country needs to get a grip and toss these idiots out of office, for the good of everyone.
      How can you trust a dither / flipflop like Thresea May and make no mistake, May is a flipflopper

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