Following today’s landmark judgement by the Employment Tribunal on the National Gallery 27, declaring that its team of educators were workers entitled to basic employment rights, Liberal Democrat DWP Spokesperson Christine Jardine said:

"This is a great victory for employment rights but a huge embarrassment for the Government. They sat by whilst a public body funded by tax payers used the worst kind of employment practices.  These 27 brave individuals who worked for the National Gallery should never have had to take this legal case on and today’s decision should shame the Government.

“For too long, businesses have been able to get away with depriving workers of their rights through dodgy self-employment schemes, facilitated by confusing and outdated employment laws.

“Employment rights must be strengthened by requiring businesses, rather than individuals, to prove someone’s employment status at a tribunal when there’s a dispute. The Liberal Democrats would also create a new ‘dependent contractor’ status to enshrine the pay and rights of workers in the gig economy.

“I hope today’s decision encourages the Government to act, so that other workers do not suffer as the National Gallery 27 have”.

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