Commenting ahead of the indicative votes in Parliament, Liberal Democrat Brexit Spokesperson Tom Brake said:

“Liberal Democrats will vote today to ensure that any Brexit deal is put to the public through a People’s Vote with the option to stay in the EU. I am delighted that, at last, it seems Jeremy Corbyn might join us. 
"The Conservatives should have properly consulted Parliament on Brexit years ago; but instead they were consumed with infighting and trying to keep their party together. Their failure has put the country on the brink of crashing out, and it is a disgrace that only now can MPs begin to try and find a solution to this crisis.
“Whatever the outcome of today and Monday, the deal must be put to the people. It must be the people, not politicians, who are given the final say.”


All Liberal Democrat MPs are signatories to Option M, which provides for a People’s Vote. This can be found here:

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