Responding to the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee report which describes social care funding as "a national scandal", Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson Judith Jolly said:

"As people continue to suffer because they are not getting the care they need, it becomes clearer and clearer the abdication of responsibility from the Tories on social care.
"This Conservative Government has continued to under-fund social care to the point of crisis. This report is yet another voice saying loud and clear that enough is enough.
"The Liberal Democrats would put a penny in the pound on income tax to give social care the direct cash injection it needs as a first step to address the funding problems. We would also work cross-party to ensure that any measures put in place were sustainable.

"Rather than pledging billions to protect businesses from an economic disaster of their own making, or u-turning on a sugar tax to pander to Tory members, the candidates hoping to become the next Prime Minister would be better explaining if they will back the Liberal Democrat demands to solve the social care crisis."

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