Margaret Thatcher was known as the ‘milk snatcher’ when she removed free school milk when she was Education Secretary. Now ‘lunch snatcher’ Theresa May is removing free school meals from primary schools.
This was a LibDem policy from the coalition.
Research had shown that only 1% of packed lunches were classed as ‘healthy’ compared to 99% of school meals and, with 20% of primary school leavers being classed as obese, it was seen as a key way of reducing childhood obesity.
Crucially, free school meals were also shown to be beneficial in learning. In a pilot study pupils were up to 2 months ahead in Maths and English.
Removing free school meals is a tax increase of £400 a year on 100,000 children who are deemed to be ‘in poverty’ but not eligible for free school meals.
The Tories are truly taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

Free school meals infographic

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