Last Tuesday Philip Hammond announced that ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’.

Well we need something because after almost 8 years of austerity our National debt has grown from £1.05T to £1.76T – £100B greater than the increase during the 13 years of the Labour government.

Services have been stripped to the bone. Councils have cut Libraries and other services. VAT was raised from 15% to 20%, Council Tax charges have increased yet still the debt has increased.

The problem is that Mr Hammond’s ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ may very well be a Brexit train heading very quickly towards us as the Office of Budget Responsibility has announced that the Brexit bill will total £37.1B – and we’ll still be paying in 2064.

The 75% of under 25 year olds who voted Remain will be paying for the consequences well into their retirement. Perhaps the 70% of over 65s who voted Leave should think of the legacy they are leaving our young people.


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