Commenting ahead of Gavin Williamson’s first speech as Defence Secretary the Liberal Democrats have have called on the government to lift the 1% cap on armed service personnel. Liberal Democrat Armed Forces Spokesperson, Jamie Stone said: “Men and women who serve in our Armed Forces deserve the utmost support for their sacrifice, but time and again they have been let down by this government. Too little has been done to address the chronic low morale amongst those currently serving, and the country is being put at risk by a failure to recruit new people with the skills needed for 21st century warfare. “Williamson must use his first speech as Defence Secretary to show soldiers, sailors and airmen that he is listening to their needs by lifting the 1% pay cap, giving our Armed Forces the pay rise they deserve. “Russia’s actions in the last few weeks show why we cannot afford to sit back and as our forces are hollowed out. We should not for one single second imagine that Vladimir Putin will be short-changing his own troops – he’s not that daft.”

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