Today, International Women’s Day, Liberal Democrats are demanding that the Conservative Government do more to improve the lives of women and girls across the UK and address the gendered inequalities that persist throughout society.
In a joint statement Liberal Democrat MPs Christine Jardine, Jo Swinson, Layla Moran and Wera Hobhouse said:

“It is frustrating and unacceptable that in the UK in 2019, women and girls continue to face so many everyday barriers.
“The Conservative Government have passed the role of Minister for Women and Equalities around like a hot potato, whilst many of the issues that still disproportionately impact women and girls are failing to be addressed.
“Liberal Democrats demand better for women and girls. Last year Liberal Democrats introduced legislation to make upskirting a specific offence and now it’s illegal. For International Women’s Day 2019 we’re fighting to improve the lives of women and girls in other ways: by banning the pink tax so that women do not pay more for the same products, introducing gender neutral school uniforms, and improving mental health care for postnatal women.

"International Women’s Day is not only about celebrating the achievements of women, but about taking action, and that is exactly what the Liberal Democrats are doing."

Christine Jardine’s Bill had its first reading Tuesday 5th March.
Short title: The Gender-based Pricing (Prohibition) Bill
Long title: A Bill to prohibit the differential pricing of products and services that are substantially similar other than being intended for, or marketed to, a particular gender; and for connected purposes.

Layla Moran’s Bill had its first reading on Wednesday 6th March.
Short title: School Uniforms (Gender Neutrality) Bill
Long title: A Bill to require school uniform policies to be gender-neutral; and for connected purposes.

Wera Hobhouse’s Bill had its first reading on Thursday 7th March
Short title: Postnatal Check-ups (Mental Health) Bill
Long title: A Bill to require routine six week National Health Service check-ups for new mothers to include mental health assessments and advice; and for connected purposes.

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